MSI Wind Netbook running MacOS X Leopard

WHOA, that may just tip me over: Julie over at reports that her MSI Netbook is now running MacOS X Leopard.
It looks like WiFi is not working (yet), but swapping the WiFi card might make that happen, too.

Here’s a video from Paul O’Brien’s installation guide (a Microsoft MVP of all things…).

20 Things You Won’t Like About Windows Vista

(Via Volker:)

Computerworld has published a list of the 20 worst things about the upcoming Windows Vista

“Everywhere you look, Microsoft has copied things that Apple has offered for quite some time in OS X. The User Account Control features, especially with the Vista Standard log-in, look a lot like Apple’s user interface design. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t let you lock and unlock things (leaving those settings permanent) the way Apple does. More than 15 years later, Microsoft is still following Apple in operating system design and bundled materials. With some notable exceptions (including IE7+, where it copied Mozilla, and the Windows Sidebar, where it bests Apple, Google and everyone in user-interface design), Microsoft is belaboring the point by reinventing the wheel, often with an overall reduction in productivity and usability.”

Using the Samsung ML-1610 GDI printer with MacOS X

My mother just got (on my recommendation, as I own the ML-1210) a Samsung ML-1610 USB GDI printer.

GDI usually means that it will only work on Windows, but I got the ML-1210 working on a Mac, so I told her to get the ML-1610, thinking that it would be an easy job.

I got a bit worried when I read – after she had ordered it – that people just couldn’t get it to work, supposedly because it had a new kind of printer language called SPL2.

On other sites I read that it ran on Linux, so it had to be possible somehow. Lo and behold, it was as easy as I expected: go get ESP Postscript and the Samsung GDI driver from and install the two. Go add a USB printer in the OSX print center, hold the option key to get to the “Advanced Options” and add a “Samsung” printer, chose the ML-1210 driver and you’re done.

Easy, wasn’t it? Just writing it down here to help somebody else who might be looking for it…

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