Oracle to buy three OSS companies?

According to Business Week, Oracle is looking into several open source companies:

“Oracle is in talks to buy at least three open-source software companies in deals that could be valued at more than $600 million, BusinessWeek Online has learned. The transactions would extend the 18-month, $18 billion spending spree by Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison that has engulfed PeopleSoft and Siebel Systems. They would also put Oracle in control of some of the most sought-after open-source projects.
The largest of the three targets is Atlanta-based JBoss, which specializes in so-called middleware, the software that serves as a connection between disparate programs. JBoss competes with traditional software companies like BEA Systems (BEAS), IBM, and, to some degree, Oracle.
Also in Oracle’s crosshairs: closely held Zend, based in Cupertino, Calif. Zend’s PHP software language is one of the most prevalent on the Web, present in more than 18 million Web sites.
The third is Emeryville (Calif.)-based Sleepycat Software, which makes technology used in many of the open-source databases that handle reams of digital data. “

Larry says this means “embracing open source” – to me this looks more like the Microsoft way of embracing things (i.e. get rid of / disturb the competition). I still can’t see clearly how this is supposed to be a move that’s good for Oracle’s shareholders, and I’m not even trying to understand what this means for Oracle’s application strategy. Any takers?