Jaiku: Recursive Microblogging

Oh crap – as if I didn’t get enough stuff to divide my attention already: Jaiku allows you to add other feeds that will get published through Jaiku, too.

Some people add Twitter feeds in order to avoid having to manage two microblogging tools.

Unfortunately, some of the people use a tool to get their Jaikus to Twitter.

This way, I get some people’s Tweets/Jaikus three or four times.


gerikson: jaiku: bad car day http://tinyurl.com/2fdyk6 and 4 more

Fetched from Twitter / Martin Little with friends. 2 hours, 41 minutes ago.

I have both Martin and Gustaf in my contacts, so I’d get their Jaikus anyway. Not even mentioning that I’m also following both on Twitter…

Oh, and one more thing: of course most of my Twitter contacts replicate to Facebook, too, where I get to read them in my Facebook feed.

The social network madness continues. Time for the bubble to burst and consolidate.