Wieviel gebt ihr für iPhone/iPad Apps aus?

Ich hatte ja schon einen Verdacht, aber jetzt könnt ihr auch nachsehen. Die App “AppDump” liest eure iTunes Apps ein und ermittelt den Preis pro App, und gesamt für alle gekauften Apps (ich weiss allerdings nicht ob die derzeitigen Preise herangezogen werden, oder ob die ggf. beim Kauf gültigen discounts berücksichtigt werden, ich kann mir nicht vprstellen dass das in den Apps gespeichert ist…).

Erschreckend. ;)

Ach ja – der (deutsche) Entwickler freut sich über eine Spende per Flattr! (ich übrigens auch, aber das nur nebenbei)

DON’T PANIC – it’s just THHGTTG on the iPhone!

How great is that – finally The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is available as an iPhone app!

(Well, that in the 4 other books in the trilogy)


That and the C64 Emulator, and all in one week – fantastic! Get it NOW!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

One more thing:

““Enhanced” version of the apps (which will be free upgrades) will be released in October, to celebrate the actual 30th anniversary, with even more archive material including audio clips, historic book covers and radio script excerpts.”

C64 on the iPhone – Back to Basic

I really hope you were smart enough to buy the C64 Emulator for the iPhone while it was still available.

They had to pull it because it’s possible to enable the BASIC interpreter through a backdoor:

– Go to settings, enable “always show full keyboard”
– Start a game
– Go to the EXTRA keyboard and press RESET

C64 Basic

I’m not buying Manomio’s excuse that this was supposed not to be possible (yeah, right..), at the same time I don’t get the fuss – does Apple think you could PEEK and POKE into real iPhone memory…?

Anyway, even though I had to re-type several times due to the miniscule keyboard in the emulator, starting that 3 line program gave me a very strange feeling of satisfaction.

Maybe that’s because this is where my programming skills ended ;)

Now let me go and pull out some old YOUR COMPUTER magazines and start entering a few programs…

iTunes needs to move to the cloud. Seriously.

This weekend I went through another major re-install on my iPhone. I’ve been trying for weeks to somehow make my iPhone work with my PC setup.

Here’s the problem: I am using 3 computers – my desktop at home, my work laptop, and my Samsung NC10 netbook on personal trips. I’d like to be able to use any one of them to work with my iPod. i.e. change playlists, tag MP3s, install apps and update or backup my iPhone.

Not working. I tried managing my iTunes library from the desktop, storing the files on my NAS. When I want to access those files from my work laptop, I need to re-do all my playlists. Plus, it’s slow as molasses.

Then I had to re-install my desktop and decided to spend some time tagging my MP3s. When I connected my iPhone to the PC, it said “backing up iPhone”, and then proceeded to DELETE ALL MY APPS ON THE PHONE!

Even though I could copy the apps over from my work laptop, iTunes wouldn’t use them to install. I had to re-download all the apps (ok, good opportunity to update some of them) and re-install. That of course meant that all data was lost – my banking transactions from iOutBank, my Fieldrunners scores – EVERYTHING. Hate it.

Why can’t iTunes just keep all that in the cloud, so that I can access it from any computer with iTunes? You might even crowdsource MP3 tagging, and/or recommend songs to your social graph. Twitter could be used to broadcast your activities.

Wouldn’t that be neat? Maybe Apple’s even working on something like this already – what else would they use all those servers for?

Most underreported feature of iPhone OS 3.0

The iPod Touch will get bluetooth

“Shortly following Apple’s release of the second-generation iPod touch, which unexpectedly added Nike + iPod receiver functionality to the touchscreen device, a hardware teardown by iFixit revealed the presence of a Broadcom BCM4325 chip with integrated Bluetooth support. The chip was determined at the time to be used for communication with the optional Nike + iPod Sensor accessory, but had no other known purpose.

During the iPhone OS 3.0 Event today, Apple announced that it would be unlocking the Bluetooth functionality of this chip upon the release of the new software, enabling features such as AD2P Stereo Bluetooth streaming, wireless gaming, and other application-to-application communications to be used by developers. It is unclear whether Apple will make all of the Bluetooth features of iPhone OS 3.0, including monaural headset support for phone calling, available to second-generation iPod touch users. “


I said it ;)

That is a killer feature – I just hope they will allow the iPod to use a phone’s data connection this way. While Apple may want users to buy iPhones, enabling to use the iPod Touch to use data aware applications off the AppStore may yield much more profit in the long term. There is a group of customers that may not want a new phone, but would buy an iPod Touch as an add-on to their current phone for music, movies, games and browsing.

AppStore for MacOS

Well, I think Apple has established the iTMS AppStore as a well working vehicle for commercial and free software distribution.

Wouldn’t it be a logical step to enhance that platform to allow distribution for MacOS apps (and maybe even Windows Apps), too?

Lots of iPhone developers are also MacOS developers – I’m sure they’d approve of that idea.