Speculation: New iPod Nano at WWDC?

Well, it’s not like I’d have any sources telling me that, it’s just that the market has been funny over the last few weeks:

– iPod Nano discounts were being offered in most major electronics stores around here

– the 16 GB iPod Nano is sold out in many places, and the girl in the store told me “Apple won’t send us any new ones”

Apple’s refurbished iPod section suddenly has the iPod Nano, previous *and* current generation, in all colors readily available

The iPod Nano has always been my favourite model – I really really would like to see them come out with a 32 GB or even a 64 GB model…

What do you think? Likely or not?

New iPod Nano



Why didn’t i get the iPod Touch, you’re asking? Simple – I *hate* touch screens, and I don’t think any of the additional features adds value for me. WiFi isn’t as easily available in germany as it is in the US, and the Starbucks deal has yet to hit germany in any useful way. The iPod Touch is also a lot bigger than the Nano.

My only disappointment is that they didn’t upgrade the Nano to 16 GB.

Creative Zen Microphoto

Ok, so I wanted to give “PlaysForSure” devices another chance and got myself an 8 Gig Creative Zen Microphoto, figuring it would be a better deal than the 2 Gig iPod Nano I could get for the same price.


When I plugged it into the USB port, my Thinkpad went dark. Several reboots and battery removals later I have decided that it’s not worth exploring the causes for this – if it does it once, it will do it again. There was a phase where it worked, but I’m not taking chances.

I’ll get a ROKR or another Nano tomorrow…