Bis zu 200,– Sofortrabatt auf Fuji Objektive

2015-07-03 14_31_17-Amazon.de_ Fujifilm Sofortrabatt-Aktion_ Elektronik & Foto

Die Sommer-Rabattaktionen gehen weiter: Fuji ist auch dabei und bietet auf ausgewählte Objektive (und Bodies) bis zu 200,– Rabatt. Bei Amazon wird der Rabatt direkt beim Kauf abgezogen, Links s. unten.


Hier geht’s zur Aktion (bzw. Direktlinks oben)

X100S mit WCL/TCL oder Wechselobjektive?

Wer dem Charme der X100S oder X100T erlegen ist kennt sicher die quälenden Zweifel ob man mit der Kombination “kleine Kamera mit Weitwinkel- und Tele-Vorsatz” oder einer X-E2, X-Pro1 oder X-T1 mit Wechselobjektiven besser fährt.

Jeff Carter hatte das schonmal für das XF 18mm und den WCL-X100 untersucht, jetzt folgt der Vergleich TCL-X100 gegen XF 35mm mit vielen Beispielbildern.

“In April I did a comparison test between the Fujinon XF18mm f2R and the WCL-X100, which converts the 23mm f2 lens on the X100 to a 19mm f2 lens. Since then I have added a TCL-X100 to my kit which converts the 23mm on the X100 to a 33mm f2, almost the same focal length as the superb XF35mm f1.4R. So after using the TCL-X100 out and about I decided to do a back-to-back review on the two lenses and see if the tele converter for the X100 can match the output from the 35mm f1.4 on the X-Pro1.”

REVIEW: Fujinon XF35mm f1.4R ‘versus’ X100 + TCL-X100

Derek Clark testet das Fuji 50-140mm f2.8

Derek Clark testet das Fuji 50-140mm f2.8:

“I went walkabout the other day while there was a bit of good weather, and by that, I mean dry and bright, because it certainly wasn’t warm. I wanted to try out the Fuji 50-140 f2.8 in daylight. I’ve already reviewed the lens under studio conditions which you can see HERE. I ended up shooting some street photography and capturing something I wouldn’t have thought possible, handholding at the equivalent of 210mm at 1/28th of a second and getting a sharp image. I had to double check the Exif Data on this one because I thought I was seeing things. As you can see from the crop above, this is again very sharp and I’m shooting wide open at f2.8. You can see the street shots I took processed in B&W using Silver Efex Pro over at 35mmStreet. But have a look at some colour shots before you go.”

Out & About With The Fuji 50-140mm f2.8

So, what about those Fuji X-E2 AF improvements?

Screenshot 2013-11-09 10.15.52

After reading all the excited posts on the X-E2 I had to see for myself. When had one available I ordered immediately. The quality of the images taken with the Fuji X Series is too good not to try.

I unpacked in the evening when I got back from a business trip, in an extremely well lit room. To be honest, there was absolutely no difference to the X-E1 I had used on the trip. Granted, the viewfinder has much improved, but that’s about it as far as first impressions go. I didn’t even bother actually pressing the shutter, I just tried the AF speed.

On the next day I pointed the lens into the garden of my house, and WHOA! – there’s your improvement right there. In broad daylight the Fuji X-E2 is just as good as any of the Micro Four Thirds cameras I know, including the OM-D (at least to my subjective impression, no scientific measurements taken).

Is that good? I guess it is. On the other hand, it’s probably not good enough for me to spend my money on, so it’s going back. When I’m shooting in good light AF was not really much of an issue before. Unfortunately in the scenario where I’d need the improvement, i.e. shooting living people in not-so-perfect light, the X-E2 is letting me down and does not benefit from the PDAF on the sensor. And yes, I only tested on the center focus point.

Still, the X-E2 will deliver image quality as good as it gets in todays world, and your needs may just benefit from the improvements. If you liked the X-E1 you’re going to love the X-E2.