iOS 7 update kills iPhones

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My wife has been a happy user of her iPhone 4s for more than a year. Until tonight, that is.

Her iPhone was updated to iOS 7 some weeks ago, this evening she accepted the phone’s request to update to 7.03. That’s when it started: after the update all network activity seemed to be quite slow. I looked at the phone an saw that the WiFi button was greyed out and would not allow me to enable WiFi!

The problem seems to be wee known: there are 50+ pages in Apple Support forums, and the issue even has its own web site.

Summary: an official Apple iOS update will kill the hardware of your iPhone, and Apple wants you to pay to fix what they broke.

Anybody else affected?

Not funny.

It’s 2009, and Nokia *still* does not get USB

Over the last few weeks, I played with two new Nokia Series 40 phones, the Nokia 6600i, a beautiful Slider with 5 MP camera and metal case, and the Nokia 3720c, a great candy bar phone with excellent battery life and great reception (the only phone so far that will work flawlessly in my basement office).

The 6600i came with a 15cm short MicroUSB cable, and much to my surprise, this was the first Nokia phone that actually charged the battery through that cable.
But here’s the kicker: instead of supplying a small USB adapter for wall outlets, Nokia puts another one of the stupid ‘ant dick’ chargers in the package. This, of course, means that they also build a second completely useless jack as a counterpart. Waste of electronics and space.

Of course, when I plugged in the 6600i‘s MicroUSB cable into a standard USB plug that I use to charge my iPhone and other US devices, it refused to charge the phone.

The Nokia 3720c came without a USB cable, and will of course also NOT charge through the CA-101 USB data cable.

Way to go, Nokia, way to go…

By the way, it’s nearly the 5th anniversary of me complaining about that ;)

Nokia N79 Eco – epic green FAIL

When I first read the article, I made sure it wasn’t April 1st already.

“We understand you don’t always need another charger. So, when you buy this Nokia N79 online, it comes without one. All we’re asking is that you keep hold of your old Nokia charger, and use it again. It’s part of a trial to save energy and reduce waste, so it comes in a smaller box too, and for each one we sell we’ll donate £4 to WWF, the global conservation organization”

WTF? Who are they trying to fool here? I’ve been complaining about Nokia avoiding USB like the plague for 4 years now.

Granted, nearly all Nokia phones have USB connectors now, but they’re also the only phones with USB connectors that don’t charge via USB. Nokia even has the guts to sell a ridiculously overpriced USB charger!

A joke. And a bad one.