Nokia E61i Firmware 2.0633.65.01 available

Use the Nokia Firmware Update Application to install.

Don’t forget to backup to memory card, otherwise you’ll have to re-install everything (like I do right now – that’s what you get for not reading instructions).

If you’d like to keep current on Nokia Software Updates, you can subscribe to their RSS feed.

No idea what’s new in detail, but going to version 2 must mean something… Maybe A2DP support…?

Nokia E61i: Advanced WiFi configuration?

I’d like to configure an Access Point with certificate based authentication (IEEE 802.1x P-EAP, EAP-MSCHAPv2) and automatic key distribution for WEP.

Unfortunately, the E61i keeps asking me for the WEP password.

Is there a way to do that kind of WiFi configuration on a Nokia S60 device?

Video interview: Jacek Rutkowski interviews Adam Curry

Jacek Rutkowski (a.k.a. Mobile Phone Fan or Comic Strip Blogger) interviews Adam Curry:

I wonder why Adam has not posted this yet? There is also an audio version available. It’s mostly about mobile phones and gadgets. Adam sometimes has to counter Jacek’s Windows Mobile bias and hatred for Nokia, but all in all it’s a very civilized interview.

Nokia E61i unboxing

Roberto has posted a Flickr set of his Nokia E61i unboxing.

This saves me the effort – waiting for mine to arrive any minute. Many thanks again to Zoran from for being this fast (ordered it yesterday afternoon). If you want one, too, order it on and tell Zoran I sent you ;) (The price is EUR 409 + shipping, PayPal ok).

More details once it’s here.