Booq Boa 3L – My next laptop backpack

They’ve done it again – Booq has come out with the new Boa Laptop Backpack, which seems to be a decent upgrade to the Python XL I’m using right now.

From what I can see so far (no reviews online yet, they only started shipping today), they have adressed my major problem with the Python, which is lack of space for books or binders. Also, the front pocket seems to be designed in a more useful way, and the internal compartments also make alot of sense to me.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the bag – I was thinking of ordering it in the US (thanks to the great USD/EUR exchange rate), but they want $93 for FedEx shipping. The german Euro pricing is quite ok, so I’ll just order it here (available on the 25th, hopefully in time for CeBIT).