Prepaid Datentarif USA

Da ich das neulich selbst gesucht habe, hier mal als Suchmaschinen-Futter für’s nächste Mal: ich war Ende Januar beruflich in den USA und wollte mit meinem iPhone Datenzugriff haben, zumindest für EMail, Twitter und Google Maps.

Die Suchergebnisse für so etwas sind leider eher durchwachsen… ich kann mich auch noch erinnern daß eine Prepaid-SIM mit Daten nur unter dem Ladentisch oder mit Umstand (Kreditkarte hinterlegen, dann sofort wieder online kündigen um automatisches Nachladen zu verhindern) zu haben war.

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My new Smartphone: Asus EeePC 1000H GO

My new Smartphone: Asus EeePC 1000H GO

I have finally decided that I’m not a smartphone person. Yes, you heard that right. At least I know what I’m talking about – I have tried nearly every smartphone type that was available – S60, UIQ, Windows Mobile, iPhone – I’ve been through them all.

The one thing that bugged me about all of them was the massive limitations they put on what I wanted to do with them – browsers without Flash, Javascript, SSL or tabs, no image manipulation, inferior music capabilities (except for the iPhone), small screens, crappy keyboards. In short, there was so much I couldn’t do with them that my usage was limited to checking (but not answering) emails and reading Twitter (without being able to follow the links properly).

After I realized that, I began analysing my mobile habits:

– when I’m in the car, all I need is an iPod to listen to my podcasts

– in a train or plane, iPod plus laptop is unbeatable

– at work, the laptop with my 3G card is always there

– when we go out on weekends, I don’t have much use for a smartphone. Most of the time, I will even leave the phone at home.

The only laptop I had was my work laptop, so I wanted something to take with me on trips or holidays. The Asus EeePC 1000H fits my requirements perfectly. It’s small enough to carry along, it’s fast and has a full PC experience, and the built-in 3G card makes sure I can go online whenever I need.

I’m still looking at the iPod Touch for gaming, the dilemma is that the Nano is a LOT better for in-car use (you have to unlock the iPod Touch even to pause music, and that’s not so easy when you’re driving).

Will I rule out buying another smartphone? Come ooonnn…. ;)


Of course, it’s not even in stock, and T-Mobile doesn’t have the slightest clue when it will be. The operator told me the initial price for the iPhone would be on the first bill, while the order confirmation email says they’ll collect on delivery.

This is going to be interesting. All my other gadgets were without a contract, this will tie me to the device for 24 months. This is new. I’m thinking of this as my personal computer (I don’t have any other one, I just use my work laptop for everything I need to do).

Next steps: order an Invisible Shield.

The joys of train travel in germany

My wife convinced me that taking the train instead of the car for my 380 km ride to today’s customer would be a good idea.

Thinking of my Nokia N95, which I’m using as a 3G modem, this sounded good to me, too. For the last 30 minutes, however, I have been continuously swearing.

Dear Deutsche Bahn: if I wanted to ride through tunnels most of the time, I would have taken the subway!

The distance between two tunnels is just not long enough to get a 3G connection before it breaks down again. Have you heard of repeaters?

Sucks. Big time.

3G bliss

Being booked with a customer who won’t allow let external consultants use his internet conection for most of this year I surrendered and ordered the only availble 3G flat rate in germany by E-Plus. At 39,95 Euros a month plus a mandatory voice service (which I won’t be using), the total price of less than 50 Euros is ok for me. The contract can be cancelled every 3 months, so that’s good as well should a better ofering appear.

I got an Option Fusion GT PC Card which I’m using right now, in a ICE train going at over 200 km/h. That’s actually quite cool – it’s the first time that looking at the watch I’m not thinking “how long do I have to stand this before we finally arrive” but “wow, only 50 more minutes to finish my bloglines reading” ;)

I have yet to see the performance of UMTS, so far I’ve only been using GPRS. But that’s more than adequate.

I’ll keep you posted.