We had a fun week in Sa Coma, Mallorca (Spain). Nice hotel, including all the package tour madness: getting up at 7:30 to reserve your parasol and your sunlounger (“no – these 8 are mine!”), watching the brits get sunburns, trying to understand “all inclusive” manners at lunch buffet – very funny for a first holiday of that kind.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselfes, I even managed to stay away from the reasonably cheap internet PC in the lobby for the whole week ;)

I’ll try to catch up my blogging, so bear with me if you read some older stuff.

Back from Dublin

Well, actually I’ve been back for a few days now already, but was too busy to blog ;)

It was only a 3 day trip, but thanks to Ryanair this kind of short holiday is well doable and worth the effort.

We were staying in Hollywood B&B in Ballyboghil, a place I can honestly recommend. Many thanks to Margaret and her husband for the hospitality!

When we arrived with our Hertz Nissan Micra, we were surprised to see a shiny DeLorean DMC-12 outside the B&B – with a german license plate from a nearby area! We got to know the owner at breakfast the next day, and found out we were living approx. 15 km from each other. He and his wife were on their way to the DeLorean Eurofest 2006 in Belfast (I hadn’t even known the cars were built in Belfast…). We met another guy from a nearby town on the visit to Newgrange – it’s a small world after all!

Anyway – it was a nice short trip, pics will be up on Flickr soon.

UPDATE: pics are here:


Ok, we’re back from our 3 week try to Islay. To give you an impression about the weather: my daughter Mara (4) started talking about sleigh rides and singing christmas songs…
Other than that, it was really nice – highly relaxing (I read 7 books), the kids enjoyed getting all muddy immensely.

The drive back to the ferry across the scottish mainland makes me want to come back to Scotland some day – definitely! Had Edinburgh not been suffering from the Fringe (no rooms available) we would probably have spent the last three days there – sorry Ewan and Martin, maybe next time.

A big THANK YOU goes to Walter Schobert for letting us reside in his house.

Anyway – if you want to see some pictures (mostly kids and distilleries – there’s not a lot of other interesting things to take pictures of on Islay ;) ), have a look at my Flickr page.