BenQ, Siemens Mobile’s executioner

It’s an outrage.

I have to agree with Spiegel online (german) on this one: Siemens sold their mobile division to BenQ so that they didn’t have to deal with the bad press of firing thousands of employees themselves.

I mean, why else did they sweeten the deal with 250 million? Siemens CEO Kleinfeld promised numbers he couldn’t deliver, so in order to get his bonus he had to cut costs. We need to find a way to honor long term stability and stop looking at the next quarter, or the hired gun’s 4 year plan to make sure he’s right on track, whether or not that’s good for the company.

I’m ranting? You bet I am! Siemens used to be the clear #2 to Nokia, with excellent phones which topped Nokia’s offerings in stability and standards support every time. You need to have bad management to go from there to insolvency. And the only german company in the space, too.

Sucks. Big time. Knowing some employees there who will not get presents for christmas this year sucks even more. Hope the unions manage to squeeze some money out of BenQ for the employees. Wankers.

Darla: Nokia PC Suite Wish List

Darla Mack is collecting stuff she’s like to see in Nokia’s PC Suite.

Let me add some:

  • An uninstaller that REALLY uninstalls everything, without the need to download one of 15 different versions of Nokia’s own registry cleaner
  • An installer that doesn’t mess up my system when I upgrade
  • A setting to let me decide on “last name, first name” instead of “first name last name”. Right now I have to buy extra software like this to do that.
  • I agree on the podcasting support. Let me add ‘Syncing to iTunes’ (and I mean *syncing*, not appearing as a mass storage device in iTunes, including play count support)

While I may appear critical, let me just state that PC Suite still is one of the best synchronisation suites around (with the exception of ActiveSync) – compare that to Samsung’s or (my god…) Motorola’s software….

Mobile Data Roaming: “Completely Screw Them, Yes!”

This article confirms what we’ve all been thinking already: the operator’s idea is to get as much money as long as they can get away with it.

This looks like the same strategy that the german government seems to follow with its tax policy, and completely ignores the possibility that turnover may actually go up when prices go down.


Stay away from Nokia PC Suite 6.8.x

You may have read about my problems upgrading to Nokia PC Suite 6.8.21. I managed to go back to a working version 6.7.22, which at least got me into a working state again (this is about my work phone, so I NEED this to work!).

When I read that 6.8.22 was out (no link to protect the innocent), I thought that they surely addressed the installation problems (it mentions something in the release notes) and installed it right away. But again, no luck – “no available connection types” ;(

OK, I told myself, let’s go back to 6.7 again, then. Imagine my surprise when the treaded “no available connection types” hit me again! I uninstalled, ran Nokia’s registry cleaner, re-installed, re-booted – no luck.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why they come up with a registry cleaner application, instead of incorporating this into their installers right away?

Anyway, searching Google brought up many more people with the same issue, like here and there. But – no real solution.

Yesterday, finally, I found something: the problem seemed to originate in registry keys that could not be deleted. I tried creating a new user with local adminstrator rights, but still no luck (makes you wonder about what these Microsoft programmers are smoking, sometimes…). Finally I found a hint somewhere: I needed to start by editing permissions on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to include my user (“Everyone” is really not everyone, but the name of a group) and add full access, then I could edit all the other non-deletable keys by editing permissions, adding my user, and delting them. This took quite some time…

Next, I ran Nokias’s registry cleaner, just to be safe, and rebooted. I the re-installed PC Suite 6.70.22, which is working fine now. I won’t touch newer versions with a flagpole…

Can anybody explain why Nokia can’t use the registry properly? I mean, adding keys I can’t delete, or can’t even read the values? Give me a break.

Thanks for three weeks withput synchronisation and many hours of wasted time, Nokia. I was close to picking up a different brand phone to avoid the problem.

Nokia’s Series 60 Podcasting application

Nokia now provides a podcatcher application for Symbian.

Nice to see they get it, but am I the only one annoyed at too many podcatchers? A mobile phone usually is just a mass storage device that can play MP3 files (ok, so you can download podcasts with UMTS, but for 90% of users, this is not yet available and/or affordable).

Wouldn’t it be much more useful to offer a synchronisation option that would allow you to sync (and I really mean sync, not copy manually) with playlists of either iTunes, WMP10 or Winamp? I mean, every vendor requires you to change how you store MP3 files – how’s that supposed to make life easier? Please, make my MP3 capable phone sync just as easy as an iPod, that’s all I want (not even the ROKR does this, btw.).

Nokia PC Suite 6.8 Upgrade Problems

Shared pain is half the pain“, as we say in germany ;)

” Re: Problem in Upgrading/Installing the New Nokia PC Suite 6.8
Here are the error message:

Error 1904.Module C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia PC Suite6\BkMrk.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147024770. Contact your support personnel.

And many more of those error if you click Ignore.”

Good thing I found a german version of PC Suite 6.7.22 here. Unfortunately Nokia insists that I want 6.8 and will not let me download older versions easily. Guys, you may want to re-think that. At least provide links to older version through some expert links on the support pages, please.