The Great Suspender – Das beste Chrome Plugin aller Zeiten

Screenshot 2015-06-28 19.01.38

Ihr kennt das sicher – 48 Tabs in Chrome offen, und der Lüfter am Rechner kommt kaum zur Ruhe. Ich weiss nicht wie oft ich deswegen schon neu starten musste, oder Chrome sich beendet hat – ganz unbefriedigend.

Seit einigen Wochen ist für mich die Lösung da: The Great Suspender ist ein Plugin, das inaktive Tabs nach einer konfigurierbaren Zeit aus dem Speicher entfernt und bei Bedarf mit einem Klick wiederherstellt. funktioniert Session-übergreifend, lediglich bei “Zuletzt geöffnete Tabs” von anderen Rechnern muss man ggf. über den Link hovern um zu sehen was in dem Tab war, aber das lässt sich verschmerzen.

Die CPU Last ist seither minimal, auch der Speicher wird nicht mehr knapp, und Abstürze hatte ich seither ebenfalls keine mehr.

Klare Empfehlung!

Chrome Plugin: The Great Suspender im Google Store

20 Things You Won’t Like About Windows Vista

(Via Volker:)

Computerworld has published a list of the 20 worst things about the upcoming Windows Vista

“Everywhere you look, Microsoft has copied things that Apple has offered for quite some time in OS X. The User Account Control features, especially with the Vista Standard log-in, look a lot like Apple’s user interface design. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t let you lock and unlock things (leaving those settings permanent) the way Apple does. More than 15 years later, Microsoft is still following Apple in operating system design and bundled materials. With some notable exceptions (including IE7+, where it copied Mozilla, and the Windows Sidebar, where it bests Apple, Google and everyone in user-interface design), Microsoft is belaboring the point by reinventing the wheel, often with an overall reduction in productivity and usability.”

Open Source Maps

I’m using a TomTom ONE GPS navigation system in my car, and I do like it a lot.

The maps are quite expensive, often outdated and don’t cover all areas (Ireland is missing completely, for example). With stuff like OpenTom and Google Maps, would it be too far-fetched to expect OSS software that runs on a GPS device and uses data from Google Maps? Imagine the possibilities…

Windows Freeware: DeskTask

If you have to work with Outlook as much as I do, this might be useful:

“DeskTask connects to Microsoft Outlook and displays your calendar and task items on the desktop.

* Your tasks will always be visible, saving precious time to launch or switch to Outlook.
* Just minimize every window, and see what are the items due for today or tomorrow.
* DeskTask displays the whole week so you can be prepared to organize your work.
* Besides the calendar items, the Outlook to-do list (Folder Tasks) is also displayed. If you work with Outlook, DeskTask is for you”