Pebble Smartwatch unterstützt jetzt Android Wear Benachrichtigungen

Ich bin ja Smart Watches gegenüber eher skeptisch – insbesondere die Idee dass man eine Uhr täglich laden muss ist befremdlich. Dazu noch die Hochglanzdisplays die man bei jeder Berührung verkratzt – ich weiss ja nicht…

Pebble, die erste Smartwatch mit eInk Display, ist durch die neuen Android und iOS Uhren etwas in den Hintergrund geraten. Dafür kommt man mit einer Akkuladung auch mal 5 Tage weit.

Mit der neuen Firmware unterstützt Pebble auch Android Wear, damit wird das Thema schon wieder interessant. Hier ein kurzes Video das die Benachrichtigungsfunktion zeigt:

Android Wear Notifications on Pebble (Reply with Emoji)

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

Link zu den Release Notes: Lights, Smartwatch, Action: Android Wear notifications come to Pebble (Release Notes)

Die Pebble Smartwatch bekommt man für 129,99 bei Amazon

What’s the most popular camera phone?

One way of looking at it: What are Flickr! users using?

“Over a year ago I proposed collecting EXIF data (the data on the type of camera, settings, etc, generated by digital cameras for each photo taken) from Flickr, the online image sharing service, as a means of better understanding which devices correlated with which kinds of images, times of day taken, locations taken etc. has now gone out and collected this data to see which camera types are most popular.”

They still need to aggregate camera names that differ on international versions, but this is interesting data.

Booq Python XL Laptop Backpack Review (w. Pictures)

On the eternal quest for the ultimate laptop bag I stumbled across Booq some months ago. I ordered a Python XL Backpack that I have been using for a few months now.

When I thought about buying it, I couldn’t find a review anywhere that showed pictures different from the ones on Booq’s site, so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to write one once I’ve been using the bag for a while.

I’m very satisfied with the bag – the quality is astounding, and the usability is better than any other backpack I have owned so far. My only gripe is that while it is a big bag, the front compartment (where you put documents or books) lacks depth, i.e. when I load a bunch of doxuments, it’s cramped quite fast. Getting a book or a folder in is next to impossible and will make the built-in pockets inaccessible.

Also, there are features that are useless to me:

  • The pocket at the front that is supposed to hold an MP3 player: I’m maybe just too dumb to get how it’s supposed to work. Also, I can only control my iPod on the device, so I’d have to open the pocket to skip a tune. I’m currently using it to hold some stuff I don’t need very often
  • The detachable pocket on the front is a neat idea, but again it doesn’t suit my usage patterns
  • There are extra straps on the back to put around your waist, which I don’t need and are simply in the way all the time. I mean, it’s not that I’m going to go hiking with the bag, and the standard straps are already fitting perfectly

But despite these small gripes (which may be highly valued features to many other people), I stand by my previous comment: this is one of the best laptop backpacks you can buy. I have tried most of them so far, and none of them matches the Python XL in day to day usability.

I wanted to do the detail review here, instead I have opted to upload the pictures into a Flickr set and have annotated the pictures there. Feel free to leave comments.

Highly recommended.

Gadget of the week: Logitech Cordless 2.4 GHz Presenter

Logitech Wireless Presenter I’m giving a lot of presentations, and having to stand next to the notebook makes for a bad presentation style.

A few weeks ago I admired a colleague using a wireless presenter, and I got the same one: The Logitech Cordless 2.4 GHz Presenter. Installation was a breeze: no drivers required, put in the batteries, plug the USB dongle into the laptop, and you’re ready to go. You can start/stop presentations (F5), switch back and forth, blank the screen or use the laserpointer. Additional feature: it has a time display that counts down your presentation time and will make the device vibrate 5 minutes before your time ends.

Oh, and I got it off eBay, where the price was about half of the suggested retail price… Nice.

BenQ Siemens S68 Ceramic Limited Edition

(Via Tech Ticker:)


“BenQ Siemens unveils a new limited edition phone in Germany. The S68 Ceramic edition, which has a body made up of different materials. The front body is made up of steel whereas the rear is made up of ceramic which is burnt at 1350o Celsius. This type of ceramic is used in automobile brakes and the company believes that it can make up a good resistant against scratches. The display is also specially coated for prevention of scratches. The phone will be selling in August at a suggested price of 499 Euros ($635) with no change in technical specifications.”


Transform your XBox or PS2 into an Arcade Cabinet


Now this is really really cool:

“The QuasicadePRO is the ultimate arcade system for the ultimate game room. A 27″ High Definition (480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i) monitor fills your field of vision with amazing picture quality only available when combining next gen consoles with next gen monitors. Two way satellite speakers pump high fidelity audio at ear level, and a high powered subwoofer drops heart thumping bass for a totally immersive gaming experience. At the heart of the QuasicadePRO is the patented QuasiCON 2P Control System. Play your favorite PS2, Xbox, GameCube or PC games in true shoulder to shoulder arcade style.”

That would look awesome in our living room, woukdn’t it? What did you say, hon…? Oh….

Creative Zen Microphoto

Ok, so I wanted to give “PlaysForSure” devices another chance and got myself an 8 Gig Creative Zen Microphoto, figuring it would be a better deal than the 2 Gig iPod Nano I could get for the same price.


When I plugged it into the USB port, my Thinkpad went dark. Several reboots and battery removals later I have decided that it’s not worth exploring the causes for this – if it does it once, it will do it again. There was a phase where it worked, but I’m not taking chances.

I’ll get a ROKR or another Nano tomorrow…

Framed by the Memory Stick Mafia

I recently got a 2 Gig Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo off eBay, and I have to admit I should have been a bit more sceptical considering the price. But then again you’re used to making bargains on eBay.

The stick didn’t fit too well into either a SonyEricsson K750i and my Sony DSC-H2 digital camera to begin with. But it seemed to work, so I wasn’t too worried. Not even the chinese characters on the package worried me, to be honest.

That changed when after about a hundred pictures in Ireland my camera started to display “file error” messages, burying some of my nicest shots.

At home I started investigating the issue, and found this guide. I contacted the seller, who (luckily) is german, and he says I’ll get my money back. I don’t have it yet, but I’m quite confident as this will be a lot less hassle for him than dealing with Sony lawyers, which I might tip off else.