Creative EP-630 – Plug it in your ear!


Creative EP-630

But let’s start slowly: I’m a complete iPod nut – as I travel a lot, I get to listen to podcasts and music quite a bit. I’ve been looking for replacement headphones for quite a while now: even though the Apple ones sound quite well, I found them too muted, and they didn’t shield off external noise at all.

I tried Koss’s ‘The Plug’, but it didn’t fit into my ear very well, so I stayed away from them. Then there are the highly expensive ones like the Etymotic ER 6i or the Shure E3c, but the steep price tag put me off. In a german gadget magazine I read a recommendation for the Creative EP-630 ones, where they basically put them on level with the Shure, but at a fifth of the price (around 30 Euros).

Anyway, Amazon delivered them yesterday, and I have to say they ROCK, in the true sense of the meaning. Perfect fit, great sound, loud enough. Read the Amazon reviews – it seems like I’m not alone with that judgement.

Imagine my surprise when I read that Russ got in-ears as well! ;)