Tom Hume on “Gaming Napster”

Probably two of the best quotes on DRM, by Tom Hume:

“as I think I’ve written before, when any business faces off against the combined will of the worlds teenagers, my money is on the kids…”


“I mean, look a Microsoft: a software company. The Big One. And yet *they* suffer tremendously from piracy. If there was a technical solution, don’t you think they’d have gotten onto it a few years back?”

Fantastic. And so true.

iPhone: confirmed!

Just in via Engadget:

“here’s been a lot of mublings about Motorola and Apple working on a cellphone together, and even an iTunes capable phone Moto was already supposed to roll out. Today, however, the bomb dropped: Apple officially announced some kind of cellphone partnership which would result not just in a Motorola phone that is iTunes capable, but in something users could call a proper “accessory” to their iPod, chiefly one that Apple should have a large part in the interface and exterior design of. The phone should be expected to have fully-enabled Bluetooth (spitting right in Verizon’s eye) and run “mid-range” (i.e. estimated $200-350 US), which we certainly didn’t see coming. As usual, we only know what little bit has leaked from Apple themselves, so we’ll keep you up to the minute with the usual rumors and conjecture as we get it. Until MacWorld, anyway.”

Also, from MobileTracker:

“In true Apple style, Cue [Eddy Cue, vice president in charge of applications at Apple] declined to say whether Jobs will indeed address the phone at that event. “What we’ve talked about is a something that is valuable for the mass market,” Cue says. “It has to be a phone in the middle-tier of the market, not a $500-tier phone. It has to be very seamless to use. And we’re very happy with the results.””


I’ll keep you posted…

IT Conversations: Will Wright: “Lessons from game design”

I am just listening to Will Wright’s talk at SDForum in my car.

It’s one of the longest talks I got from IT Conversations up to now, but it’s worth it. Very interesting, and highly funny.

Unfortunately, lots of the laughter from the audience seems to rely on the slides, which are not included. I found Will’s slides on game design from a different talk in 2003 here. I recognise many slides by what he said, but I’m not sure they’re in the right sequence.

Doug, wouldn’t that be something for “IT Conversations Pro” – providing synchronized slides and transcripts…?


I’m actually astonished how long it took after things like Netmeeting before IP telephony started as a commercial application here in germany. Skype was probably the first widely known software service, but now others are catching on.

Germany’s premier freemail provider has now started FreePhone, and Kristian seems to like it.

I have not yet used Skype for calls to fixed line phones, but I may give it a try now. Will have to scan eBay for a cheap VoIP phone….