Getting LinkedIn to stop spamming you

I made a conscious decision to quit LinkedIn – details here:

Yet, they keep spamming me:

Screenshot 2014-02-19 09.18.36

It seems (can someone verify this?) that these invitations originate from LinkedIn’s Outlook Plugin that some of my former contacts are using. That’s kinda wrong already, given that the EMail comes from LinkedIn, not from my contact (i.e. contacts tell LinkedIn to EMail me, which they do without my consent.). I don’t think that’s ok from a data privacy perspective. It might be a different thing legally if the plugin just generated an email that my contacts could send, but it would still be just as annoying.

Where I draw the line is the reminders: in order to do that LinkedIn has to a) store my data and b) keep emailing me without my consent. The email does contain an “unsubscribe” (…) link which implies I opted in to receiving the emails. Let’s see if that works.

Today I also found a (well hidden) form to put yourself on LinkedIn’s “Do Not Contact List”. I did that – reluctantly – it’s ironic that I have to allow them to store my data in order to prevent them spamming me.

Screenshot 2014-02-19 12.15.30

If you have me in your contact list and you’re using LinkedIn, please try to add me to your contacts. Let’s see how good their “privacy” mechanisms really work…

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