iOS 7 update kills iPhones

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My wife has been a happy user of her iPhone 4s for more than a year. Until tonight, that is.

Her iPhone was updated to iOS 7 some weeks ago, this evening she accepted the phone’s request to update to 7.03. That’s when it started: after the update all network activity seemed to be quite slow. I looked at the phone an saw that the WiFi button was greyed out and would not allow me to enable WiFi!

The problem seems to be wee known: there are 50+ pages in Apple Support forums, and the issue even has its own web site.

Summary: an official Apple iOS update will kill the hardware of your iPhone, and Apple wants you to pay to fix what they broke.

Anybody else affected?

Not funny.


  1. Yes! Have been trying to fix this to no avail! Its absolutely disgusting that Apple want us to pay to fix the issue! I even go told it was my phone and nothing to do with the update. They said the only solution was… (bet you can’t guess) … to buy a new phone! Really contemplating moving back to Nokia!!!

  2. Ich hatte ein iPhone 4s im Apple Store in Frankfurt für 200 EUR ausgetauscht, weil beim alten das Display defekt war. Das neue iPhone hat auch den Fehler. Ich denke ich bekommes es kostenlos getauscht, weil auf dem Austauschgerät (ich glaube 3 Monate) Garantie drauf sind.
    Trotzdem Mist.

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