I’m declaring MP3 bancruptcy

OK, this is it – I’ve had it. If you’ve been in this game for a while, this is probably how it happened:

– When MP3 appeared as a technology you started ripping CDs

– Other MP3 files magically completed your MP3 collection

– You fiddled around a lot with ID3 tags, album art – manually and/or using several tools

– This put songs from collection albums to the original albums, messing up both playlists and albums

– You synced your library to online services like iTunes Match, Google Music or Amazon MP3

The last step: you realize that all those online services can’t agree on the important bits:

– Which Album does it belong to (Google tends to create more than one Album for what is One only on my iTunes library)

– What should the Album art look like

To summarize: This is messed up. Instead of a clean representation of my music library I ended up with a huge pile of MP3 files with no coherent order. The simple task of downloading my favourite songs to a phone becomes next to impossible.

I think I need to restart. Here’s my plan, please let me know if this is realistic:

– Copy the files from my local library to an external drive.

– Clean my iTunes Library.

– Start importing folders back into an IMPORT playlist, fixing all tags and artwork in the process.

This would make sure all files end up clean as a whistle. Ye, it may take some time, but right now my whole library is useless.

Now for the online part: Can you let me know your experience with different services – which one syncs the best? iTunes Match obviously works well for iTunes, but where else do I upload to without messing up my library structure?


  1. I have stopped using online (cloud)or try to minimize the usage of them: No more Dropbox, no more Google Drive..

    All my data are now in my own cloud – a NAS from Syntology. And it’s working like a charme.

    The relevant files, docs and also photos are automatically synchronized between my NAS, MacBook, Android Tablet and Android SmartPhone. This job is done via the cloud agent from synology.
    Of course all my devices are strongly encrypted.

    Other files like mp3 or vidz are staying on the NAS, too. I can access them worldwide via an audio/video player from Syntology, but here I have found a better way: With SyncMe (Android Tools) a from me created playlist on the NAS is pushed locally to my mobile devices as soon as they connect within the home WLan, so I have my favorite music allways with my – right now these are approx. 50 CDs which are pushed to the SDCard of my Samsung S4.

    For music storage on NAS, I of course prefer the good old folder structure, with a cover.jpg in every single folder.

    By the way: Best player for Android is PowerAmp.
    As output source I use several bluetooth devices; for example bluetooth speakers or an adapter which is plugged in to Audio-in in the car (RX2, Eur 20,- @ Amazon).

    1. Do you have a hint for a easy/good/working solutiontool to create m3u lists funder MacOS X?
      For playback at jome, Sonos is my choice. Absolutely great!

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