Privateering – New 21 song Mark Knopfler album ist out!

I love it how all new music from my favourite songwriters always seems to be released around fall. Mark Knopfler’s new album “Privateering” is out on Amazon MP3 today, and it’s (on physical media) a double album, i.e. it has 20 songs on it.

I don’t quite get all the different versions there are – I’ve bought the one called “w. Bonus Track” which has 21 songs for EUR 10,99. There’s also the “Deluxe Version” which has 25 songs for EUR 18,49, i.e. 5 extra songs, but not the one on the “Bonus Track” version.

The best deal seems to be to get the “w. Bonus Track” version and – if you like – buy the other 5 songs for 99c each (weird…).

I’ve only listened to 4 songs, but if you like Mark Knopfler you won’t be disappointed.

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