It’s almost like they don’t want Android to succeed…

I tweeted a link to a really cheap (EUR 72,12, now at 99,–) 7″ Android Tablet, the Copy Kyros MID7022 yesterday. My idea was to use it as a replacement for my Kindle Touch with a colour display.

I wasn’t overly concerned about the hardware or the performance – the display is low res, but the Touchscreen is actually quite usable, and more than good enough for Kindle, GMail, Twitter and Facebook. Coby even has published an update to Android 4.1.1 Jeylly Bean, as one of the first vendors if I’m not mistaken!

So, Amazon delivered quickly as always, and the hardware is perfectly OK. They even still use a standard USB connector, so no messing around with proprietary cables. The Android 4.1.1 update also went smoothly (just point the device browser to the page mentioned in the post above and download the updater).

Then the disappointment started: the list of programs is almost empty. Most importantly, there’s no Google Play, and not even a settings entry to sync your GMail Data (Mail, Contacts, Calendar etc.).

Can anybody explain what the point of this is? I mean, you’ll annoy the customer to no end. The first thing you do with a new Android device is to link it to your Google Account, right? That’s why you bought into the Android ecosystem in the first place. Also, that’s the documented (and secure – at least more than the alternatives) way to load additional software. If you take all that away it’s not Android anymore, if you ask me. You might just as well get a Blackberry Playbook (better hardware, quite cheap) or Nexus 7 (WAY better hardware). What’s the kind of target market for such a crippled piece of crap?

I’m sending it back.

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