Change your LinkedIn password. NOW!

Oh well, another breach: According to, 6.5 Million LinkedIn password hashes have been posted to a russian web site. The Next Web also has a report.

You might also want to change passwords on the other sites where you’re using the same password. While you’re at it, consider moving to something like LastPass, which allows you to painlessly manage 16 character passwords like “dF*^B@@uBqK&VXt9” for a site. I recommend getting the YubiKey package which adds additional security.

I’m getting tired of LinkedIn anyway, so I’m going to delete my account. They’re not adding ANY value over other social networks for me and have been constantly spamming me:

They keep trying to sell me on their premium services, which I have no interest in.

They constantly try to get me to get into their ‘groups’, which will just increase SPAM.

Plus they’ll not only let just about anyone contact me, they have the guts to remind me that I haven’t added that person I don’t even know!

And that after having to admit that they’ll store all the data they can get from me through their iOS app.

Time to go.

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