Pixoto.com – Hot Or Not meets Flickr

If you’re a photographer you probably enjoy getting feedback on your pictures, and – let’s be frank – there’s a vanity aspect, too.

One way to do that is to post your pictures to as many Flickr groups as possible, which has the weird effect that most viewers only comment to get you to link to their own pictures. On Flickr my preferred way is to post to a few dedicated feedback groups where you get constructive feedback instead.

Pixoto is a site that I recently learned about in an episode of This Week In Photo. It’s yet another site where you can upload your images (without a Lightroom plugin), and people get to vote on the image in direct comparison to another image in the same category, like on hotornot.com.

The site fosters participation through a credit system – in order to upload an image you need to gain a certain number of credits by voting on images. This is a great way of making sure people stay active.

I like the site quite a bit and would invite you to join – see you there!

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