Twitter needs better anti-spam heuristics

If you ever tweeted something with “iPad” in the text this probably has happened to you: within a few minutes you’ll receive a tweet like the one above with some cryptic link, or the promise of a new iPad. While I discourage clicking on links in any case (we spent years educating users to verify links from unknown sources, the Twitter and its shortlinks came along…), this just shouls not be possible in the first place.

Behaviour like this should be easy enough to catch, really.

  • New account, no or extremely few followers, tweets all @-replies
  • Almost all posts include linls, which are mostly identical (or lead to the same site)

If you identify this, block the account for @-replies until they can somehow verify. Or set a quota for the number of followers vs. @-replies.

Really annoying, it’s a disgrace Twitter has not been acting on this yet.

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