Image Editing: Google is the elephant in the room

Todays social media is overflowing with blogs and videos on the new Lightroom 4 beta. The general discussion is around Lightroom vs. Aperture, I don’t see many other apps being mentioned.

I’m not even talking about Corel or Capture One, what I’m waiting for is Google to enter the game surprising everyone.
Google already has image manipulation software with Picasa, which is working nicely for JPG manipulation and organisation. It has geotagging, face recognition, keywording, online albums, sharing, non-destructive editing and many more features. Even better, with Google+ integrated deeply with Picasa, it’s also painlessly connected to the best social network for photographers (IMHO).

All they need to do is to integrate RAW file management and more detailed image manipulation, which should not be that difficult (maybe Google should have acquired Bibble Labs). Then provide a way to auto-tag images from Google search results and tage them for selling as MicroStock images, pay with Google Checkout, and you suddenly have killed all the existing services with one big bang.

How about that, guys? Likely scenario? Would anyone still need Lightroom, Aperture or Flickr, then…?

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