The new Nokia N9 UI

Nokia Marketing Manager Jussi Mäkinen explains the new Nokia N9 UI in this video. I found myself going “huh?” a number of times watching this – maybe you have an explanation.

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

0:06 He taps the screen of the blue N9, but it doesn’t wake up (it requires a double tap, right?)

0:23 After waking it up it needs another swipe to do something productive other than displaying the clock. Isn’t that on the application screen, too? What’s on that screen that can not be had on the other screen? He never comes back again to this screen during the presentation; at the end he specifically only goes through the three other screens.

0:46 Event view has all the social feeds, nice. Can you filter them by origin? Jussi says this would also have missed calls and messages – is there another information other than event view? I fear they will simply disappear between tweets and RSS feeds…

1:20 The multitasking view is nice – but I wonder how useful it becomes when you have lots of open apps. Is there a way to close apps from this view? If you select an app it slides in from the left edge, which nicely fits sliding to the left to get back at the multitasking view.

2:23 Video starts in horizontal even though you need to turn the phone to watch. The iPhone does the same thing sometimes, but I would really prefer to start the video in the correct orientation, in this case zoomed to the vertical orientation (i.e. smaller).

2:37 Why do I now swipe from the left to go back to the multitasking screen??? That feels wrong.

2:52 Most recently used app goes to the top left corner. Nice.

3:11 When he opens Facebook from the multitasking screen it slides in from the bottom. Huh?

I also noticed that quite often the screen wouldn’t react to what he tried to do (I had to watch the video three times because he also talks a lot with his hand, which I first mistook as trying to do something on the phone).

I quite like the UI (apart from the things mentioned above), it’s certainly an improvement over previous UIs, and a good step towards catching up with other touch screen UIs.

The Nokia strategy still puzzles me – as a consumer I’m confused about what the future platform will be, and I’d be hesitant to invest in apps for a platform that they may decide to leave in favor of the next one. At this time I would have expected them to show a Windows Mobile 7 device.

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  1. Sorry, but after all it looks like a beta of iOS with some additional features implemented by or for Linux geeks and designed by some guys at the UI department at microsoft.

    Und was heisst jetzt steinigen auf englisch? Ich will nicht gesteinigt werden! :-)

    Nice try, some nice ideas but way too late

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