Getting your a** kicked on Flickr

I’ve been putting up images on Flickr for years. I also joined some groups, mainly as a little vanity trip to get more exposure for my shots and receive the odd (hopefully positive) comment. I didn’t really do anything else in the groups. Most of them “force” you to comment a specific number of pictures to be allowed to post pictures to the group. Now, there’s no real moderation of this, so some people (you know who you are…) will just copy and paste the same identical comment to any new image in the pool regardless. Some will even add links to their own photostream to get more exposure. Looking at the guys who do that this seems to work pretty well. My vanity doesn’t go that far, though, so I have not really followed that approach.

Thomas Hawk is probably one of the most active contributers on Flickr, so I had to peek when he announced this on Twitter:

The group rules seemed intriguing:

“Hot Box! is something you say when you play Whack a Bat.
Welcome to Hot Box Uncensored. You may want to check out our Save Gallery:
The Hot Box
Please red the Hot Box Uncensored Game Rules:
1) Only one photo a day.
2) Before submitting your own photo to the pool, vote (COMMENT and TAG) on every other photograph in the pool or 15 photos, whichever is less.
Photos that reach save10 before delete10 are Saved to the The Hot Box . When voting, check the tags to the right. If you are the first to vote the photo down, add the tag delete. If someone else has already added that tag, you should add one that follows it, labeled in numerical order: delete, delete2, delete3, and so on. If there are already ten deletes, the beast is on its last legs anyway and you dont need to vote on it.
The procedure is the same when saving a photo. Tag it with save, save2, save3 and so on.
3) You MUST NOT be blocking anyone in the group during the Vote. Blocking a member will get your photo removed from the pool, as will removing comments, tags, and notes.
Note this is an 18+ Uncensored Flickr Group. You may find both comments on your submitted photos and threads in the forum that disagree with you. That’s just how things go in an uncensored group.”

I observed the group for a day, then bravely decided to post an image to the group pool:


Boy did I receive a beating – in a few hours I got my 10 “delete” and not a single “save”. But what I also got was good advice on what was wrong with the image. I re-uploaded a new edit, which I like a lot better myself:


Now let’s see if I can come up with the courage to post another image ;)


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