Mini Review: Kata Access-18 PL DSLR Bag

Kata Access-18 PL

Kata Access-18 PL on Amazon

The Kata Access Series bags can be seen as an evolution of Kata’s H-Series, or as an answer to Think Tank’s Digital Holster Series.

As always, the bags are well made and should protect your gear well. The flap can be opened quickly, it’s a bit like the flap on the Kata 3N1-20 series.

The Access-18 will hold a gripped DSLR with 70-200 lens, an extra lens and a flash. If you have less gear or smaller lenses your DSLR might look a bit ‘lost’ in this bag, and you’re probably better off getting one of the smaller models. Unfortunately the inside of the bag is nylon only, so there’s no way to velcro in additional dividers.

If both outside pockets are filled, it forms a bulge on the inside of the bag that will make sure your DSLR fits in nicely.

The huge front zipper is the biggest disappointment – it’s only there to allow you to take out the metal/plastic bar that adds stability, it’s not there to hold stuff.

Verdict: great quality bag, as always with Kata. For me it has not been thought through properly, and it lacks room for small stuff like keys, pens, batteries or filters.

More pictures with annotations can be found in this Flickr set!


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