iTunes Ping – Finding people, adding friends

There’s a lot to write about Ping, but before I get to that I need to play with it for a while. iTunes 10 was only available for download late late last night, so I haven’t done a lot. I have created an account (yet another network to maintain – ), and like many other people I have been unsuccessful in adding a picture. People have hinted that Apple may review pictures. If that is the case, new Apps in the store will probably be delayed even longer ;)

Anyway, after I created the account I started looking for friends I knew had also created accounts, but I couldn’t find any. Again, somebody said that you probably only appear in the directory after your image has been approved (not that this is available as a status message somewhere).

But I have found a way to add people nonetheless: go to your profile and right-cllick on your name:

Click on “Copy Link” and send it to your friends, tweet it or post it on Facebook. Friends can then find you and connect to you easily.

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