Nikon introduces the D3100 entry level DSLR

(Funny how they spell ‘Nikon’ – being german, I always thought it would be ‘N_eye_kon’…)

Nikon’s latest entry level DSLR looks like a winner to me. I have used the D3000 as a travel camera and liked it a lot, except maybe for the speed and the back display. The images were nearly as good as with my D90, certainly nothing to complain given the sub-$300 price tag.

Even in low light situations image quality was impressive – I have seen images from a dance competition with only stage light at ISO 3200, and they were really really ok. Can’t wait to see ISO 6400 or 12800 sample images from the D3100.

The only thing that seems strange to me is the $699 price tag in the Amazon pre-order page. That would be higher than the D5000, which strangely is no longer available there. Has it been discontinued? Heck, I only paid 669 for my D90 (which is also rumored to get a successor soon)!

Anyway, the D3100 is certainly worth watching – a small body with decent image quality is always nice to have.

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