The Vuvuzela – a marketing desaster for South Africa?

It’s just a few hours until germany’s first game in the world cup, but the trending topic on the internets is not the german team:

Everybody is talking about the Vuvuzela, an oversized hearing aid which – if you turn it around and blow into it in a soccer stadium – creates a lot of noise.

Thomas here seems to like it though, but as he’s living and working in germany now, he’s also subject to our constant nagging about it (we’re good at that).

With every new game, the anti-Vuvuzela movement is gaining momentum. Facebook groups are getting more users every day, my prediction is that there’ll be more than a million “fans” out there soon.

Of course there also is a song already:

But the best link I have found so far is by Tobias Herre:

He has constructed an audio filter that eliminates the noise from the audio channel. Let’s hope german TV implements this quickly….

UPDATE: Turns out there are africans that don’t like it, either!

“We South Africans, a mighty musical nation if ever there was one, will have replaced hearty renditions with the noise of something called the vuvuzela.

This instrument, which emits a sound akin to that of a goat on the way to slaughter, is now at the centre of a growing row in international football.”

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