Welcome to analog britain

When I started looking at computer technology as a teenager in the 80s, the United Kingdom was where all the action was at (at least in the home computer space). We’d follow the UK developments with envy, read the british computer magazines, and we all had one of the Sinclair computers back then, later in the 90s Psion Ltd was at the forefront of PDA technology long before anyone had heard of Palm (R.I.P.).

Well, it seems that the new strategy, now that the US has caught up in the race, is to do a complete reboot of the IT landscape, sending britain back to the early 80s. They appointed a “Minister for digital britain” to kill off the current IT and internet infrastructure, his latest coup was to ram through the DE BILL act. (Funny enough, “debil” translates into “retarded” in german ;) )

The Right Honourable Stephen Timms is an expert at what he does, as you can clearly see in his latest writings:

You might want to ask Sir Clive if he wants a new job…

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