Not The Messiah

“Like Handel, only funnier”.

WOW – I’d really like to see that one live.

From The Telegraph (huh – why didn’t John Cleese participate?):

“And lo, it came to pass that Monty Python’s Flying Circus reached the age of forty years. And verily it was decided by the surviving members of the Python Team (his holiness John Cleese excepted) to give thanks and praise for this sacred moment by descending from their separate starry havens for one night only at the Royal Albert Hall. And their faithful followers did pay through the nose to join them in that joy, preparing themselves to be amazed. For it was decreed that for the first time in UK history, an oratorio based on Life of Brian was to be delivered unto them. “

In cinemas on March 25th – one day only! Wonder if there’ll be a DVD too…

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