A day without Flash

This is an experiment.

Disclaimer: This is NOT AT ALL about bashing Adobe or Flash, being an Apple fanboy or anything. I *love* Flash, FLEX, AIR and the rest of it, but I’m just not sure how much we need it *on web pages*.
(To my friends & colleagues developing in Flash: that experiment is probably not an option for you ;) )

Looking at the recent discussions around Flash on the iPhone/iPad it’s probably time for a reality check – what does having Flash _in the browser_ mean to you, really.

At first I thought about uninstalling Flash for a week and seeing what it’s like, but then I found an easier way:

Firefox: Install Flashblock https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/433

Internet Explorer 8: Try this http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/754934-ie8-has-its-built-in-flash-block-its-called-per-site-activex-control/

Opera: Install Flashblock http://my.opera.com/Lex1/blog/flashblock-for-opera-9

Then run like that for a day, and report back in the Facebook group I created (Firefox seems a lot snappier for me with Flashblock ;) )

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