sendsocial – PayPal for parcels


What a friggin great idea! sendsocial takes PayPal’s idea of using your email address for payments one step further and allows you to send parcels to an email address or a twitter ID (provided the recipient has registered).

Not only is this great from a privacy perspective, it also allows you to interact with the delivery process, send status updates and similar things. Imagine receiving a tweet that says “we just delivered your parcel from @sender. You can pick it up from your friendly neighbour, Mr. Wilbour.” – genius.

The next step of course is that when you check out from any online vendor, your email address will be all that they need, both for payment and delivery. No more stupid forms where I have to pick a US state because the programmer made it a mandatory field, though useless anywhere else in the world.

Love it. When does it come to germany?

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