It’s 2009, and Nokia *still* does not get USB

Over the last few weeks, I played with two new Nokia Series 40 phones, the Nokia 6600i, a beautiful Slider with 5 MP camera and metal case, and the Nokia 3720c, a great candy bar phone with excellent battery life and great reception (the only phone so far that will work flawlessly in my basement office).

The 6600i came with a 15cm short MicroUSB cable, and much to my surprise, this was the first Nokia phone that actually charged the battery through that cable.
But here’s the kicker: instead of supplying a small USB adapter for wall outlets, Nokia puts another one of the stupid ‘ant dick’ chargers in the package. This, of course, means that they also build a second completely useless jack as a counterpart. Waste of electronics and space.

Of course, when I plugged in the 6600i‘s MicroUSB cable into a standard USB plug that I use to charge my iPhone and other US devices, it refused to charge the phone.

The Nokia 3720c came without a USB cable, and will of course also NOT charge through the CA-101 USB data cable.

Way to go, Nokia, way to go…

By the way, it’s nearly the 5th anniversary of me complaining about that ;)


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