C64 on the iPhone – Back to Basic

I really hope you were smart enough to buy the C64 Emulator for the iPhone while it was still available.

They had to pull it because it’s possible to enable the BASIC interpreter through a backdoor:

– Go to settings, enable “always show full keyboard”
– Start a game
– Go to the EXTRA keyboard and press RESET

C64 Basic

I’m not buying Manomio’s excuse that this was supposed not to be possible (yeah, right..), at the same time I don’t get the fuss – does Apple think you could PEEK and POKE into real iPhone memory…?

Anyway, even though I had to re-type several times due to the miniscule keyboard in the emulator, starting that 3 line program gave me a very strange feeling of satisfaction.

Maybe that’s because this is where my programming skills ended ;)

Now let me go and pull out some old YOUR COMPUTER magazines and start entering a few programs…

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