Pre-Order Windows 7

That was the message I got from Amazon, asking me to return to the page this morning at 9:00. I arrived at work shortly after 9, and when I went to the pre-order page, it was all over already. It seems they only had 1500 licenses available!

The other merchants did not have better offers, as was to be expected. Many of the sites went down quickly once people started hitting them.


It’s a good thing I live next to a small town, so a few phone calls got me what I needed.

Pre-Order Windows 7

I think that was a terrible experience, and Microsoft blew a huge opportunity here. I’m pretty sure they could have gotten a lot of users to buy the product who will not do that at full retail.


  1. I'll wait with windows 7 purchase just like I waited with Vista, XP, and 98. The first months of Microsoft OS are always tough road with many traps under way. The amount of bugs and security holes is so high that I will wait maybe half a year from the release and then switch to new OS. I know that my attitude is a little bit negative but from my point of view I can live without new OS few months and surely I can wait for main mistakes to be repaired.

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