Navigon Mobile Navigator for iPhone is here!

WOW, that’s one great app. Navigon is one of the best navigation apps for PDAs and car mounted GPS systems, and now it’s here for the iPhone:


Get it in the iTunes Store: MobileNavigator Europe

It comes with maps for all european countries, and the price of EUR 75 is certainly ok for that. It will take 1.65 GB on your iPhone, and the introductory price is only valid until June 30th-


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  2. I honestly find the price a little high when you consider that it is “just” the software. For about double the price you can buy a hardware model.

    However, I'd be willing to spend the money, especially after seeing the early positive reviews. I am waiting for some information from Navigon though. What about traffic info? What about radar warning? Future map updates? Missing features such as km/h, km to destination, estimated time at arrival / time left.

  3. GPS in iPhone is great idea. Putting all handy applications and devices in only on small box is idea from science-fiction movies come true. Just like in those Star Trek features I 've seen they used tricoders to do almost anything – and now such tricoders are here. Great thing for me. Maybe a gadget but for some people really handful tool.

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