iTunes needs to move to the cloud. Seriously.

This weekend I went through another major re-install on my iPhone. I’ve been trying for weeks to somehow make my iPhone work with my PC setup.

Here’s the problem: I am using 3 computers – my desktop at home, my work laptop, and my Samsung NC10 netbook on personal trips. I’d like to be able to use any one of them to work with my iPod. i.e. change playlists, tag MP3s, install apps and update or backup my iPhone.

Not working. I tried managing my iTunes library from the desktop, storing the files on my NAS. When I want to access those files from my work laptop, I need to re-do all my playlists. Plus, it’s slow as molasses.

Then I had to re-install my desktop and decided to spend some time tagging my MP3s. When I connected my iPhone to the PC, it said “backing up iPhone”, and then proceeded to DELETE ALL MY APPS ON THE PHONE!

Even though I could copy the apps over from my work laptop, iTunes wouldn’t use them to install. I had to re-download all the apps (ok, good opportunity to update some of them) and re-install. That of course meant that all data was lost – my banking transactions from iOutBank, my Fieldrunners scores – EVERYTHING. Hate it.

Why can’t iTunes just keep all that in the cloud, so that I can access it from any computer with iTunes? You might even crowdsource MP3 tagging, and/or recommend songs to your social graph. Twitter could be used to broadcast your activities.

Wouldn’t that be neat? Maybe Apple’s even working on something like this already – what else would they use all those servers for?


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