Fresh From FriendFeed today

New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

@yojibee this one HAS to go on YouTube ;)

@bitterer which ones?

Sony debuts new Walkman – nobody cares

Re: A collection of threads: FAQ’s, intros and memorable discussions continued. – by Julius Bussche
Julus ROCKS!

@Lightbring3r taugt nix – zeigt mir fuer ein Nokia E71 369 und Vodafone branding – #FAIL

@papascott the bill will be more than “just a scratch” for your budget ;)

@dahowlett those keynotes really should be on YouTube…

@leeprovoost whoo! that sounds interesting – let us know when you can say more!

@dahowlett Malaga? FTW!

CERN FAQ for Angels and Daemons

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