Fresh From FriendFeed today

New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

There really should be a version of the Kata 3N1 bag with a Netbook compartment – Crumpler bags suck….

Syncing iPod for tomorrow’s drive to Munich

Late nite SDN answers – are there extra points to be gained ? ;)

Refurb iPod Touches in the Apple Store DE – get them while u can!

SplashPhoto for iPhone makes easy work of photo uploads and organization

Cowboy Junkies – Cause cheap is how I feel


@luislanz exactly.

@luislanz Can anybody explain why Israel is part of EUROvision…? @ewanspence …? #eurovision2009

@ccmehil just make sure my events don’t end befoire they begin ;)

@yojibee or austria for germany ;)

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