Tracking SAP on Twitter

About 80 percent of my Twitter contacts are probably SAP related. It’s a fantastic group of people, and I get a lot of information (and much more than just that!) out of belonging to that group.

Here’s a fantastic video by showing how to track SAP conversations on Twitter (Oh, Jon: it’s not just Mentors on this list… ;) ):

And this is the URL to Oliver‘s SAP Affinity Group:

Oh, and seeing DJ mention a book: this is the one I’m reading right now, and which I’d like to recommend:

Not so sure about the other book they say I should also buy, though ;)



  1. Twitter is just so powerful, and is being touted as the logical successor to Google. That is a high accolade indeed, but there is substance here, real substance. I'm intrigued to see how twitter evolves and grows over the next few years.

  2. Recently Lot of heard about SAP, and curious to know more about SAP quite impressive way of tracking your SAP Contact soon i reaching you at Twitter. Thx.

  3. I work in IT, and I am beginning to hear about SAP. I am aware that it is a Germany based software company, but seems like lot of places including federal gov is planning on implementing SAP.

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