Most underreported feature of iPhone OS 3.0

The iPod Touch will get bluetooth

“Shortly following Apple’s release of the second-generation iPod touch, which unexpectedly added Nike + iPod receiver functionality to the touchscreen device, a hardware teardown by iFixit revealed the presence of a Broadcom BCM4325 chip with integrated Bluetooth support. The chip was determined at the time to be used for communication with the optional Nike + iPod Sensor accessory, but had no other known purpose.

During the iPhone OS 3.0 Event today, Apple announced that it would be unlocking the Bluetooth functionality of this chip upon the release of the new software, enabling features such as AD2P Stereo Bluetooth streaming, wireless gaming, and other application-to-application communications to be used by developers. It is unclear whether Apple will make all of the Bluetooth features of iPhone OS 3.0, including monaural headset support for phone calling, available to second-generation iPod touch users. “


I said it ;)

That is a killer feature – I just hope they will allow the iPod to use a phone’s data connection this way. While Apple may want users to buy iPhones, enabling to use the iPod Touch to use data aware applications off the AppStore may yield much more profit in the long term. There is a group of customers that may not want a new phone, but would buy an iPod Touch as an add-on to their current phone for music, movies, games and browsing.


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