OtherInbox.com: not for me


The kind folks of otherinbox.com have provided me with a trial account yesterday. Here’s what they say they do:

“OtherInbox, Inc. is an Austin-based company that builds technology to automatically organize emails from online shopping and social networking sites, enabling users to focus on messages from real people.

OtherInbox’s email product also organizes shipping information, payment reminders, and upcoming sales and places them on your calendar. This all happens in just a few minutes without any software to install or filters to configure.

Email marketers love OtherInbox because it helps them send targeted, relevant emails that generate more revenue. Consumers love OtherInbox because it saves them time and gives them control over their Inbox. Put your email on autopilotâ„¢ with OtherInbox!”

OtherInbox can link to your GMail account and import all the mails it recognizes. I (reluctantly) gave them my GMail login (can they not use Google’s authentication for this…? No idea if this is possible, but giving away passwords has to stop.), and they analysed my GMail Inbox.

Then two things happened that confused me:

OtherInbox said it would import the mails it had recognized. Even worse, all the settings were to MOVE instead of COPY by default. One wrong click, and my GMail account would have emptied. I don’t want that in any case – GMail is my master email store – nobody messes with that!

When I returned to the main screen, there were some messages about payment – I did not read them completely, but that came out of the blue. No other email before mentioned a price tag of any kind.

In short: I have deleted my account. I could still login 1 day after that, which does not make me overly confident about their privacy. Terminating again failed twice with a “503 gateway timeout” message.

I’ve had more convincing experiences….


  1. Thanks for giving OtherInbox a try!

    We actually never, ever delete anything from Gmail. When it says “Move” it just means move it out of your Inbox. When we organize messages from Gmail in OtherInbox, we first Archive them in Gmail and then put the OtherInbox label on them. That way everything is still in Gmail and its easy to see everything we've archived by just clicking on the OtherInbox label.

    On our home page, there is a prominent “FREE test drive” link that was intended to make it clear that there is free and pay version of the product. It sounds like we need to do a better job explaining that.

    Thanks for giving it a try and for posting your comments on your blog!

  2. Hi Joshua,
    thanks for the fast response. Yes, a lot of that was due to confusion, but my GMail is sacred to me.
    Can't you just sort all that *in* GMail instead? The other gripe I had was that you're suggesting to use @otherinbox.com addresses, which I'd rather not…

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