GMail Labs adds browser bar tweaks

There’s a new feature for GMail users, something that some of us may have already been using for a while. They moved the title around a bit so that it’s easier for you to see if you have new unread email when the browser window is minimized, or you’re working in another tab.

This is what it looks like:


There is a small issue with that. This is what it looks like in the taskbar on my screen:


And like this in the browser tabs:


Not really perfect, right…? Now let’s compare it to another way. Browser tabs:


And the taskbar:


A lot better, isn’t it?

How do you get that, I hear you asking? Easy: it’s Lifehacker’s Better GMail 2 Firefox Extension.

Sorry if you’re on IE, there’s nothing I can do for you then. But then again, you have enough problems already ;)


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