BOOQ rocks!

I’ve been a fan of Booq laptop bags for quite some time – I’ve had the Python XL for quite some time, and I bought the Boa 3m a few months ago.

Now, the Boa 3m has been showing some ugly wear and tear around the seams lately:


That really bugged me – Booq bags aren’t exactly cheap, so I was worried about the support process. That’s where the pleasant surprise set in: I went to their german support site, entered my data and uploaded a few pictures of the defect, and the next day they sent me a request asking for a scan or my original receipt. About 30 minutes after I had emailed that I received a shipping notification for a new bag, with the request to destroy the old one and send in proof,

That is about the fastest reaction to a warranty claim that I can think of – GREAT customer service!


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