Nokia N79 Eco – epic green FAIL

When I first read the article, I made sure it wasn’t April 1st already.

“We understand you don’t always need another charger. So, when you buy this Nokia N79 online, it comes without one. All we’re asking is that you keep hold of your old Nokia charger, and use it again. It’s part of a trial to save energy and reduce waste, so it comes in a smaller box too, and for each one we sell we’ll donate £4 to WWF, the global conservation organization”

WTF? Who are they trying to fool here? I’ve been complaining about Nokia avoiding USB like the plague for 4 years now.

Granted, nearly all Nokia phones have USB connectors now, but they’re also the only phones with USB connectors that don’t charge via USB. Nokia even has the guts to sell a ridiculously overpriced USB charger!

A joke. And a bad one.


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