Giving that ole Disqus WordPress plugin yet another go…

I tried it twice already, and deactivated it twice again.

This post on mashable lured me into activating the plugin again:

“We’re living in tricky commenting times, where your blog content can (and will) receive comments across multiple sites and platforms. It gets to be rather messy, especially if you’re an active FriendFeed user. Now, in an effort to straighten up the comment mess, FriendFeeders who use Disqus for comment management can check a few boxes to pull and post FriendFeed comments related to blog enteries.”

While I was at it, I added all my other services to Disqus. I have no idea what they actually do with it, but then I did that with all the other services, too ;)

My social web is probably more like a social gordian knot by now, or as Dirk Gently would put it, all things are deeply intertwined.

Ok, let’s see where this goes – maybe Disqus is better at dealing with my russian comment spammer friends than whatever I have in place locally ;)


  1. How can you port a wordpress plugin to a php web app? Basically, I want to use a wordpress plugin WITHOUT having wordpress installed. Note this would still be a web script like in php form, etc. Any ideas or programs out there?

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