YouTube betas new version for the Wii

Lifehacker reports that YouTube has a new version that is designed to work better on TVs.

I immediately went and pointed my Wii Browser to – WOW!


The start screen tells me to update my Wii – maybe they ran it on a different version, my Wii is already on the latest release.


The start page has 4 sections: Most Views, Best Rating, Recommended and New.


“My Videos” will bring you to your subscriptions, all with easy to use buttins and no scrolling. Very nice.


Playing a video is also a lot easier. Again, no scrolling.


The full screen player also pops up controls on demand.

This a a huge step forward. Add YouTube’s trand to HD video, and the Wii is a lot more useful in the living room. Liking it. A lot.

Now bring on the new version of the Opera browser, please!

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